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Join us in the studio!!

We are open and offer a variety of classes both online and in our studio. From gentle yoga for beginners or those looking for a subtle practice, to more challenging vinyasa flow and strong Yin yoga. We have a class for you!


Sign up online or call us to let us know you’re coming. Spaces are limited and filling up!
All classes are still online, too.

In-Person Classes are now available

Look on our schedule for “In-Studio” options.
Masks are still mandatory for the unvaccinated.

Workshops & Events

Kourtney B.
Kourtney B.
2020-11-27 09:13:38
Bikram, Namaste, Downward Facing Dog, and Mat. Thus concludes my knowledge of any and all yoga terms. Bikram's the one where the room is all hot right? I... read more
Marie B.
Marie B.
2020-11-03 04:51:40
I used to believe fitness only consisted of lifting weights, cardio workouts, and lots of sweat but fitness can also include mental and emotional strength.... read more
Nadine C.
Nadine C.
2020-10-31 13:36:48
RESTORATIVE Yoga... This was NOT a power workout...Ohhh...Each Yoga teacher has their own style. Julie, of Lotus Flower in Cleveland, Ohio,... read more
Kristina H.
Kristina H.
2020-10-30 18:15:52
I thoroughly enjoyed the soft, soothing tones of Julie's prompts! I can safely say that I don't take the time to lay on the floor, fully relaxed and pay... read more
Arlene M.
Arlene M.
2020-10-30 16:57:36
In these stressful times all of us need a way to find relaxation and rest. This yoga class taught us just that. Lauren K-Yelp Cleveland CM introduced us to... read more
Agnes I.
Agnes I.
2020-10-30 16:27:32
I enjoyed a friday evening of restorative yoga led by Julie of a new yoga studio called Lotus Flower in Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland Heights neighbourhood to... read more

“My physical, mental and spiritual health have steadily improved over the last 17 of those years as I have attended classes across many levels. I have become more flexible, calm, patient and aware thanks to all the foundation classes, the many specialty classes, the intermediate classes with advanced yoga practices, and the wonderful workshops offered so abundantly over the years.”

– Ann Olszewski

“The class is like coming to the end of a good book and you just don’t want the last chapter to end.”

– Linda B.

“Never have I found a Yoga Center more committed to serving my needs so that I might become a true yoga practitioner. This is a wonderful place. Run don't walk!”

– Saraswati

“The yoga at the Atma Center doesn't get you ready for the Olympics. It gets you ready for yourself.”

– John Doe

New to yoga and our studio? Not sure where to begin? If you are familiar with yoga, here is a list of classes for you to choose from.

When you sign up for a class as a new student, follow these guidelines:

  1. Find a class you want to take. (If you want recommendations, give us a call.)
  2. Register online with MindbodyOnline. (You will be prompted to do this when you pick a class.)
  3. Purchase a $17 drop in fee for your class.
  4. When you love your class, the drop-in fee can be applied to the class pass or membership you choose.

If you are new to yoga and not sure which class is for you, we recommend calling our studio at 216-371-9760 and we can help guide you.

Lotus Flower is different than most. We…

– Have classes that are inclusive of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, abilities

– Help you find inspiration to be your best

– Practice slow, mindful yoga as taught through the ages

– Don’t offer gimmicks, just support

– Keep the room at normal temperatures

– Encourage you to wear anything that’s comfortable

– Offer hands off adjustments – using demos and verbal instructions

– Offer chair practice if needed

Join the Lotus Flower

Save time by booking your next yoga class on our MINDBODY app. See our schedule, book a class, and pay on the go!


Class offerings

Our classes are designed to release tensions in the body and mind through a systematic approach that progresses over time as your body and mind are ready. We modify and adapt the practices to fit your abilities!

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